Dumb Greedy Worms

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Exhaustive search could proceed linearly and be completed at 300 iterations. This is shown, in each case, by the red line.

Greedy worms, as defined by this algorithm. initially search much better. The mpg's stop whem over 99% of Warren is exposed.

Worms change sizes in accordance to location. How doe we search without "looking under the lampost"?

  1. 25 Agents Reveal Lil' Bob
  2. More Information
  3. 10 Agents Reveal Lil' Bob
  4. More Information
  5. 5 Agents Reveal Lil' Bob
  6. More Information
  7. 5 Agents Reveal Lil' Bob in a different environment
  8. More Information
  9. 5 Agents Reveal Mohamed
  10. More Information
  11. 5 Agents Reveal Mohamed in a different environment
  12. More Information
  13. 5 Agents Reveal Warren
  14. More Information
  15. 5 Agents Reveal Jesus Collage
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