War Games

A collection of models of ``war'' situations were created to demonstate the abilities of disjunctive swarm control. Each one has some variations as to the rules; however, the nature of the disjunctive control is similiar in all of the cases. There are two ``teams'' of agents who are considered to be opponents. These agents exist on a two-dimensional plane using floating-point coordinates between 1 and -1 for both axes. The outside limits prevent the exit of any agent from the playing area.

Each agents is given a strength, a random number between 0 and 1. In most of the models, when two agents come near enough to fight, the agent with the higher strength wins. However, the agent will lose some of its strength in the battle. When not fighting, or close enough to an enemy agent to feel ``threatened'' the strength will slowly increase.

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  1. Bullies Chasing Slowly
  2. An earlier version of the model contained a problem where the bullies would run proportional to distance the nearest dweeb. They would run quickly towards a dweeb that was far away, and slowly towards a dweeb nearby. The dweebs were able to find a sweat spot where they could run slowly right in front the bully and avoid getting caught. One of the dweebs would typically ``dance'' around the bully while the others would hide out of range.

  3. Centering
  4. Here the dweebs cluster in the center of the playing field. When bullies charge the center in an attempt to attack the dweebs, the dweebs scatter in all directions and the bullies are only able to kill a small amount.

  5. Crips vs Bloods
  6. This game is very much like bullies and dweebs; however, both sides are able to kill the other. Each individual agent has a strength, and when agents collide the strong agent sruvives. However, that agent loses some of his strength. Furthermore, when an agent is far enough away from any enemey agent the strength slowly increases.

    Both sides push against the wall and do battle there.

    Both sides attempt to spin around the enemy forces to attack the rear where the weak forces are.

    The gangs typically attempt to attack the weakest member of a population. In this case, that results in both gangs rushing around the stronger members of the opposite side trying to locate weak members that can be attacked.

  7. Escape
  8. This game is like Gang War however, the ``Spartans'' have the ability to escape if they reach the exit. The Spartans begin in the opposite corner as the exit surronded by the Persians.

    The Spartans rush towards the exit

    The Persians attack the Spartans

    The persian confuse the Spartans by not defending the exit.

    The Spartans sneak around the persian flanks

    The Persians guard the exit

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