Termites are pretty dumb. In this emulation, a bunch of termites walk around in a field of wood chips. When they bump into a chip, they pick it up. When they bump into another wood chip, they put the wood chip they are carrying down next to it. They then start looking around for another wood chip to pick up. (And you thought your job was boring!).

In the movies, white dots are termites without wood looking for wood. Diamonds are termites carying wood. When a wood chip is deposited, you see it age. Newly deposited chips are blue - and turn to yellow as they stay there for a few turns

  1. Termites Clear Field
  2. Fifty termites clear a field where 2.5% of the area is covered with wood chips. 4500 steps are shown. Termites can go through the right and left walls but not the top and bottom. The modulo effect is as if the termites are working around a tree trunk.

  3. Tunneling Termites
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