In this emulation, a pile of sand is mimicked. Sand is dropped on a single point. If an adjacent point is lower, there is a leveling of sand size. The new point might level some of its sand on a neighboring point, etc. The examples here are for a 25 by 25 sandbox. (Other sizes can be emulated using the provided Matlab code.) At the right is an example of a stack in steady state. When new sand is dumped (100 grains at a time), almost as much falls off of the table as is added. There are 137006 grains on the table and, in the last dump (number 26101) of 100 grains, 882 grains were dislodged

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  1. Young Pile
  2. Old Pile
  3. Number of grains of sand toppled at each iteration.

    Log-Log plot of the number of grains of sand displaced in a drop.

    Grains of sand on the table after each iteration. A steady state is reached.

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