Frenzied Bully Mobs (Most Interesting!)

Adding twiddle to many bullies ,amazingly, aids in their collective capture ability - even though one at at a time the bullies look drunk. This is a fascinating emerging property wherein inexactness on the bully's part actually aids the collective in the capture. The collection of the bullies resembles a frenzied mob. Very fascinating viewing!

    Three bully mobs corner the dweebs in the SE corner for the final massacre.

    The plot of dweeb count over time

    Two bully mobs corner the final dweeb swarm in the NE corner for the final massacre

    The plot of dweeb count over time

    What happens when all the bullies and dweebs start out piled up at two points? When close, we get the interesting chase shown on the left.

    When far, the bullies run across the room and, as you can see in the right plot, slaughter all of the dweebs

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