Dweeb Twiddle (More Interesting!)

Case 2: Dweeb Twiddle. Dweebs occationally take a random step (probability = 1/4). This is great for dweebs escaping from walls and corners - but also allows a dweeb to back into a pursuing bully. White +'s denote death spots of dead dweebs. There are 25 bullies and 2,000 dweebs at the start. The bullies don't even get half the dweebs after 750 iterations.

    Bully A is about to hit the right wall. A number of dweebs are lined up against the wall waiting for the right time for flight. Dweeb twiddle makes this possible. See Panel 2 for dispersion.

    Bullies A disperses a flock of dweebs lined up on the right wall.

    Bully A chases a dweeb into the SE corner. Because Bully A does not hit the corner squarely, the dweeb, which in truth is a big stack of dweebs, disperses. Dweeb twiddle makes this possible.

    Corner Dispersion caused by Bully A

    Dweeb Count as a function of generations is smoother than the no twiddle case, although massacres occur occasionally.

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