No Dweeb Tiddle

Dweebs adhere strictly to taking a step from the nearest bully - to the disadvantage of the dweebs. The massacre effect emerges. White +'s denote death spots of dead dweebs. There are four bullies, 5,000 dweebs, and, in the end, nine massacre spots.

    Bully 1 herds all the dweebs above and to the left into the NW corner where he (she) massacres them.

    Bullies 1 and 2 are "cooperating" to squeeze the dweebs between them into the only in-the-field massacre. Bullies 1 and 2 will then, in a display of weakness, combine.

    Bully 3 herds all the dweebs in the column below into the SE corner where he (she) massacres them.

    Only Nine Massacre Sites for 5000 dweebs. "Site a" is an initialization kill where a bully was created on top of a dweeb. "Site b" is a kill where two bullies cooperated and is the only in-field kill. All others are single bully kills at corners or sides

    Dweeb Count as a function of generations has stair step properties corresponding to massacres.

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